Hearing (3)

Could you work really hard and make a blind person see? Or could you read a recipe and change water into wine? Could you learn about wheelchairs and make a lame person walk? Those are all silly questions. We can’t do anything to make these things happen.
But sometimes I think that I can do God’s work on my own. I try to do things without depending on God’s power to help me. I need to remember that only God can help me live a pure life. Only God can give me real peace in my heart. Only God can forgive my sins and give me eternal life with Him. Verse 9b of our Bible Reading says, “Because Abraham believed, he was blessed. It is the same today. All people who believe are blessed the same as Abraham was blessed.”
I need to stop trying so hard to do God’s work. I need to pray and do my part. Then I need to trust God to do His part.
Relax! Trust God to help you do His work today.