Hearing (7)

The more I study, the more I learn. The more times I try to do something, the more skilled I become. The more I love someone, the more love I receive.
In verse 24 of our Bible Reading, Jesus tells us to think carefully about the things we hear. If we think about what we read in the Bible, we will learn more about following and obeying Jesus.
A good place to learn about Jesus is at church. But if I am sleepy during the church service, I will forget everything when I leave. If I am awake and alert, I will remember more. Then I can think about what I learned and use it to help me grow spiritually.
The Bible is full of wonderful promises for us. But we won’t know these promises if we don’t read the Bible. God also tells us in the Bible how we can obey Him. But we won’t know what we should do if we don’t study the Bible.
Think carefully about what you learn from the Bible. The more you study it, the better you can serve God.