Recently I completed a study on the book of Revelation. In our class, we talked about God and His great power. We also discussed the devil and all the evil things he has done and will do in the future.
At the end of our study, we read how beautiful and wonderful heaven will be. Our Bible Reading today tells us many things about heaven. I encourage you to read all of chapter 21. Then you will learn that heaven will be much different from earth. In heaven we will never become sick or die, never have pain and never cry. I am sure you will agree that heaven is a wonderful place!
The important thing I learned from our study of Revelation is that we should always be ready to go to heaven. That will happen when we die or when Jesus comes back to take His followers to heaven. If we want to have life forever with God, we need to accept Jesus as our Savior. Then we must continue to trust in Jesus. I hope you are ready to go to heaven today.