I decided to make some cinnamon rolls. I found the recipe and made sure I had all the ingredients. I followed the receipe step by step. When I finished, I carefully rolled the dough to form the rolls. But the dough would not stick together. Finally, I pinched the rolls together and put them in baking cups. The rolls looked like smashed muffins instead of cinnamon rolls!
I was so frustrated! As I looked at the rolls, I started crying. The rolls reminded me of my life. I had not been feeling well for a long time. The doctors had performed many tests to see what was wrong. My whole life had changed because of my physical problems. Then I thought about the words in our Bible Reading today. I remembered that someday I will be in heaven with God. There will be no pain or sickness or tears in heaven. That will be a wonderful place!
After I thought about heaven, I was able to finish making my cinnamon rolls. It was wonderful to remember that I can depend on God and His promise of eternal life.