Our Bible Reading today gives us a wonderful description of what heaven will be like. There are two things that I think will be interesting about heaven: 1) What it will look like, and 2) What will not be there.
What will heaven look like? Verse 11 tells us that it will be shining bright “like a very expensive jewel.” There will be 12 gates and the city is built on 12 foundation stones. These foundations stones will have expensive jewels in them. And the streets of the city will be pure gold!
What will not be in heaven? There will be no death, sadness, crying or pain. There will be no temple or sun or moon in heaven. “The Lord All-Powerful and the Lamb were the city’s temple…the glory of God gave the city light” (verses 22b-23a). Also, verse 27b says “no one who does shameful things or tells lies” will be there.
Heaven will be the most amazing place we could ever imagine! I am looking forward to living there forever. I hope you are, too!