I live in New Jersey. One day I was visiting a friend in the Midwest. On his wall I saw a picture of a lighthouse on the ocean. I told him, “You have a picture of the lighthouse that is not too far from where I live!”

My friend said that he had never seen the ocean. He had just bought the picture because he liked it. I asked my friend what he thought it would be like to visit that lighthouse. He tried to describe what he thought it would be like, but his description did not seem real.

That made me think about heaven. Our Bible verses for today tell us some exciting things about heaven. These things give us encouragement to look forward to heaven. But I don’t think we can really understand what it will be like until we are actually living with God forever!

Someday my friend will visit me and we will go see that lighthouse. And someday I will be able to go to the home God has prepared for me!