Our Bible Reading today describes heaven. This will be a place where Christians will live forever with God. Heaven must be the most beautiful place that God has created. I don’t even think we can imagine how wonderful it will be!
I am looking forward to being in heaven. There I will be able to see family members and friends who have died. I will meet people who are mentioned in the Bible. But most of all, I will be in the presence of God forever.
There will be no pain or suffering in heaven (verse 4). That will be wonderful! The new Jerusalem will be a beautiful city built with gold and jewels. The city will not need light. Why? Because God’s glory will give light to the city (verse 23).
Every day I like to think about being with God forever. When I think about heaven, my troubles don’t seem so bad. I know that when I am with God, I won’t have any more troubles. I can’t wait to go to heaven! I hope that you want to be in heaven, too.