Heaven’s Walls

When we become God’s children, we have the hope that someday we will live forever with God. Our Bible verses today show us what heaven will be like. It’s hard for me to read these verses and really understand how beautiful heaven will be.
When we die, we can’t take our gold and silver possessions or jewelry with us. But our Bible verses tell us that the walls in heaven will be made of gems like jasper, sapphire, emerald, onyx, quartz and topaz. Verse 21 says that there will be gates of pearl and streets of gold!!
Sometimes I think about dying and leaving behind all the wonderful things I have on earth. But those things can’t even compare to the glorious things in heaven. There will be no pain or sorrow or sin in heaven. And most important, we will live with God forever.
I am excited to see the beauty of heaven. I hope you are excited, too!