Hebrews 10 (2)

The Jewish high priest was the only person who could enter the Most Holy Place where God lived. No other person could enter that place and make sacrifices. When Jesus died, everything changed — Christians could have their sins forgiven through the blood of Jesus. They did not need to have a high priest make a sacrifice for them.
In our Bible Reading, we can find several things that Christians should do. First, we should “come near to God with a sincere heart” (verse 22). We can do this because Jesus removed our sins and made us clean. Second, we should remember the hope that we have. This hope is that Jesus will come again to take us to be with Him forever. Third, we should tell other people about this hope.
Think about your life today. Maybe you have not allowed Jesus to remove your sins. Maybe you have forgotten that Jesus will come again. Maybe you are not telling people about Jesus. Now is the time to change. Decide to follow these verses today.