Hebrews 10 (5)

No one has ever done really bad things to me because I am a Christian. But there are many Christians around the world who are severely persecuted. Sometimes their enemies take away their homes and possessions. I am amazed that these persecuted Christians remain strong and encourage other Christians to continue following Jesus. They do this because they know that something better — eternal life — will happen later.
Sometimes I face small persecutions in my life. Maybe someone makes fun of me for reading my Bible or for going to church. Our Bible Reading reminds us to be patient and to keep our courage and joy. “After you have done what God wants, you will get what he promised you” (verse 36b).
It is hard to have courage and joy when facing persecution. But if we continue to have faith in God, He will help us through those bad times. Think about these things today as you face difficult situations.