Help Wanted

Our Bible Reading today talks about harvesting a crop. There are many jobs that need to be done before a farmer can harvest a crop. A farmer needs to prepare the soil, plant the seeds, remove weeds and gather in the crop. A farmer might post a sign that says, “Help Wanted.” This means that the farmer needs people to help him with his farm work.
God’s church is kind of like a farm. There are many jobs to do in the church. Each individual congregation needs people to help tell other people about Jesus. God’s church always has a “Help Wanted” sign! God needs people to work in the church. God wants all Christians to help take the Good News to the world.
I want to offer you a job. God wants people like you to serve in His church. He wants people who will follow Jesus every day. God wants people who will work hard all the time. Can you serve God in your church? Join other Christians today and build up God’s church.