Helping a Woman (1)

When Jesus lived on earth, women did not have much value. So it is interesting that there are stories in the New Testament about Jesus helping women. Starting today, we will look at some of those stories.
In our Bible Reading, we learn that a woman came to Jesus. She “had been bleeding for twelve years” (verse 43a). Because of this, she was unclean according to Jewish law. This woman came behind Jesus and touched the bottom of his coat.
Then two things happened. First, the woman’s bleeding stopped — she was healed! Second, Jesus knew that someone had touched Him and been healed. Jesus said, “Someone touched me. I felt power go out from me” (verse 46b). Jesus told the woman that she was healed because she believed.
When we pray and ask for help, we should have faith that God will take care of us. He always knows what is best for us, and He will do what is right. Have faith as you pray today.