Helping a Woman (4)

Our Bible Reading tells us that Jesus met a woman who had been crippled for 18 years. “Her back was always bent; she could not stand up straight” (verse 11b). Jesus laid His hands on the woman, and she was able to stand up straight.
Jesus healed this woman on the Sabbath day. This was a day of rest and worship for the Jews. Some of the Jews criticized Jesus because He had healed the woman on the Sabbath. Jesus answered these leaders by saying (verse 16b), “Surely it is not wrong for her to be made free from her sickness on a Sabbath day!”
When I first read this Bible story, I was living with arthritis throughout my body. I understood how the woman must have felt. This made me realize that God is with me when I am in pain, too. And I also realized that someday I will be free from my pain and live forever with Him.
No matter what you are facing today — pain, sickness, family problems — God will give you hope and comfort.