Helping Others

One day in my Bible study group, we talked about taking care of our elderly parents. Mary told us that her father quit his high-paying job so he could take care of his father who was ill. Mary said that her father was happy to make that sacrifice. Why? Because he loved his father.
Mary continued to tell us that years later, her mother and father became ill. Mary gladly took care of her parents – just like her father had taken care of his father. Why did Mary do this? Because she loved her parents.
Our Bible Reading today reminds us that God will bless people who take care of other people. Verse 1a says, “A person who helps poor people succeed will get many blessings.” God blessed Mary and her family because they were willing to help other people.
Are you taking care of an elderly parent? Are you helping someone who is poor? Remember that God will bless you and give you the strength to take care of others.