Helping Others

I went into a department store. I noticed an elderly woman sitting in a chair by the door. As I was shopping, I heard a loud voice. It was the woman by the door. She was talking very loudly. She was talking about riding the bus to her home. The woman’s voice became louder and louder.
Soon a security guard began talking with the confused woman. I heard the woman say she had been sick. Also she said her eyesight was bad and she couldn’t think clearly.
The guard gently took the woman’s arm. He told her he would take her home. I don’t know if that was part of his job. But I think that man was very kind and helpful to the woman.
Verse 12b of our Bible Reading says, “So always do these things: Show mercy to people; be kind, humble, gentle and patient.” No matter where we are, we should help other people. We should be kind and gentle to our family members, our friends and even strangers.
Look for opportunities today to help other people.