Helping People

In our Bible Reading today Jesus talked about the time when He will come back to take His followers to live with God forever.
Jesus said that there are good people (sheep) and bad people (goats). The good people will live forever with Him. But the bad people will be punished forever.
Jesus also explained who the good people are. He said that the good people: 1) feed hungry people, 2) give a drink to a thirsty person, 3) give clothes to people who need them, 4) take care of sick people and 5) visit people in prison. The people who do these things will live forever with God.
In these verses, Jesus said that when we do these things for other people, we are doing the things for Him. If we feed hungry people, it is like we are feeding Jesus. If we give clothes to someone, it is like we are giving clothes to Jesus.
Ask God to show you how you can serve other people. Then you will be doing things that please God.