Herod Agrippa

Our Bible Reading tells us about another ruler — Herod Agrippa. In verses 1-5 we learn that Herod did two terrible things. First, he ordered that James be killed. Second, Herod put Peter in jail. Why did Herod do these things? Because he wanted to do bad things to Christians.
But again we see that God was more powerful than Herod. While Peter was in jail, God sent an angel to help Peter escape. Peter said, “Now I know that the Lord really sent his angel to me. He rescued (saved) me from Herod. The Jewish people thought that bad things would happen to me. But the Lord saved me from all these things” (verse 11).
In verses 21-23, we learn that Herod was sitting on his throne, making a speech to the people. The people called Herod a god. “Herod accepted this praise and did not give the glory to God” (verse 23a). So God caused Herod to become sick, and he died.
Often it may seem like other people or things are more powerful than God. But remember that God is the only true ruler of the world.