I think that almost every person has a hero. Maybe your hero is a real person. Or maybe your hero is a character from TV or from a book. Most people think that their hero is bigger, stronger and smarter than any other person. Probably they would do anything to make their hero happy.
My hero is my dad. As I was growing up, I always tried to make my dad happy. Many times I did extra things to get his attention. However, when I did not obey him, he was sad. I always felt horrible when my dad was sad. But even though my dad was sad, he always loved me. When I apologized for what I had done wrong, he always forgave me.
Our Bible Reading today tells us some things about God. God is our loving Father. He is truly the strongest and wisest. He is sad when we do not obey Him. But He always loves us, and He is ready to forgive us.
I hope that you will take time today to thank God for His love and forgiveness through Jesus.