Hezekiah was a king of Judah. Our Bible Reading for today tells us that he became sick and almost died. The prophet Isaiah told Hezekiah God’s message: “You will die soon…You will not get well” (verse 1b).
Hezekiah was very upset. He cried, and he prayed to God. Hezekiah asked God to heal him. God listened to Hezekiah’s prayer and healed him. God even gave Hezekiah a special sign to let him know that he would be healed. God made Hezekiah’s shadow go back ten steps (verse 11).
Hezekiah had a serious problem — he was very sick. Maybe you have a serious problem today, too. Maybe you are ill or have financial problems or someone you love has died. You can do what Hezekiah did. You can pray and ask God to help you. He may not answer your prayer the way you want. But God is wise, and He always knows what is best for you.
I encourage you to pray about your problems. God will take care of you!