Hide and Seek

When I was a child I loved to play “hide and seek.” Maybe you played this game when you were a child, too.
To play hide and seek, one person must cover his eyes and count to 100. This person is called “It.” The other players run and find a good hiding place. When “It” is finished counting, he goes and looks for the other people. I remember listening to “It” count as I frantically looked for a good place to hide.
Our Bible Reading today reminds us that there is no place we can go to hide from God. God always knows where we are. Sometimes when we sin, we wish we could run away and hide. Instead of running away when we sin, we should talk to God about our sin and ask Him to forgive us.
God wants us to have a right relationship with Him. That is not possible when we are hiding sin in our lives. Think about your life today. Ask God to forgive your sins and lead you into a right relationship with Him.