Hills (1)

Today and for the next few days, our devotions will be about hills. The town where I live has many steep hills. When I go for a walk, I try to walk uphill for the first part of my walk. Then I walk downhill for the second part of my walk when I am more tired.

If I am in good physical shape, walking uphill is not difficult. But if I am not physically fit, the uphill walk is a struggle. It is the same in my spiritual life. If I am close to God, I am in good spiritual shape. Then it is much easier for me to work through my problems.

Our Bible Reading today tells us how we can be spiritually fit. 1) We should be faithful to God and His Word (verse 25). 2) We should be humble (verse 27). 3) And we should always trust God (verse 30).

We all need to work at being spiritually fit. Follow the advice from our Bible verses today. Then you will be ready to stand strong for God every day.