Our Bible verses today tell us a story about a Jewish man who was beaten, robbed and left for dead. This is kind of like a hit-and-run accident today. That’s when someone causes an accident and then runs away.
Three people walked by and saw the man lying by the road. The first two men were Jews. But they did not stop to help the man. They just went around him. But the third man, a Samaritan, stopped to help. He was an enemy of the Jews, but he still stopped and took the man to an inn . The Samaritan even gave the innkeeper money so he could continue to take care of the man who was hurt!
Jesus told this story to help us understand that we should love and help all people. We should not just help people who think like we do or have the same color skin.
Maybe God will give you a chance to help someone. Be prepared to show God’s love today!