Hitchhiker Christians

1480665600My friends and I were driving, and we saw a young hitchhiker. We picked him up and asked him where he was going. He said that it didn’t make any difference — he was just out looking around!
It is too bad that many people are what I call “hitchhiker Christians.” These people go from church to church, not wanting to be committed to any church. These people are missing out on serving in a local ministry, receiving help from a pastor and developing relationships with other Christians.
Our Bible verses tell us about Ittai. He was a foreigner who served King David. When David told him to return home, Ittai answered (verse 21), “As the Lord lives, and as long as you live, I will stay with you, in life or death!” Ittai faithfully served King David as a commander in his army.
If you do not have a church where you can worship and serve, I encourage you to find one. Then commit yourself to being part of God’s kingdom there.