Holy Spirit

Today we will talk about the Holy Spirit. Our Bible Reading tells us about Mary and Joseph, who were engaged to be married. But before they were married, an angel told Mary that she would become pregnant. It was God’s plan that Mary would be the mother of His Son, Jesus. Verse 18b says, “Mary was pregnant by the power of the Holy Spirit.”
When Joseph learned that Mary was pregnant, he planned to cancel their engagement. But an angel from God came to Joseph in a dream. The angel told Joseph, “…don’t be afraid to accept Mary to be your wife. The baby that is in her is from the Holy Spirit” (verse 20b). God’s Holy Spirit helped Jesus come to earth as a man.
The Holy Spirit helps Christians today, too. When we become a Christian, God gives us the gift of the Holy Spirit. He lives within us and helps us every day. We can always depend on God’s Holy Spirit to encourage and strengthen us.
Thank God for the Holy Spirit — His wonderful gift to you!