Holy Tent (1)

God promised the Israelites He would free them from slavery in Egypt, be their God and bring them to a new land. That is what the book of Exodus is about. Chapters 1-18 tell us how God freed the Israelites from slavery. In chapters 19-24, God makes the Israelites His special people and gives them His laws. Finally, in chapters 25-40, God commands the Israelites to build a Holy Tent where He could come and live among them.

Exodus 24:16 tells us what happened when Moses met with God on the mountain. “The Glory of the Lord came down on Mount Sinai. The cloud covered the mountain for six days. On the seventh day, the Lord spoke to Moses from the cloud.” God’s glory is the way that He appeared to Moses. And God needed a place where His glory could live among the Israelites. So He told Moses to build a Holy Tent.

The Holy Tent was a movable meeting place where God could fellowship and communicate with His people. The Holy Tent is sometimes called the Tabernacle or the Tent of Meeting. For the next nine days we will look at God’s plan for the Holy Tent and its furnishings.

God has always provided a way for people to be close to Him. He loves you and wants you to be close to Him today.