Holy Tent (10)

In our Bible Reading for today, the prophet Isaiah saw the Lord sitting on a very high and wonderful throne in the temple. The Lord was wearing a long robe that filled the temple. Isaiah also saw seraph angels around the Lord. The angels used their wings to cover their faces and bodies. I believe they did this because the Lord God is holy.
The same thing happened with Moses in Exodus 3. When God appeared to Moses in a burning bush, Moses covered his face (verse 6). Moses knew that God is holy.
After Isaiah saw the angels in the temple cover their faces and bodies, he heard them say to each other in Isaiah 6:3, “Holy, holy, holy is the Lord All-Powerful. His Glory fills the whole earth.”
God is truly holy. He is perfect. God has never sinned. He can never sin. God loves everything that is pure and good and holy. Thanks to God and His forgiveness of our sins through His Son, Jesus, we can be holy, too. As His children, God wants us to live like Him.