Holy Tent (10)

For the past nine days we have talked about the Holy Tent which God commanded Moses and the Israelites to build. The Holy Tent was very important to the Israelites. Why? That was where God lived and where their sins were forgiven.
Maybe you are wondering what all this means to Christians today. First, learning about the way God forgave the sins of the Israelites makes me remember that I don’t have to worry about sacrificing animals or having a high priest sprinkle blood on a box. When Jesus died and arose, all of the Jewish laws were put aside. Christians have a new way to come close to God — through Jesus.
Second, I am happy that God does not live in a tent today. 1 Corinthians 3:16 says, “You should know that you yourselves are God’s temple. God’s Spirit lives in you.” Today God lives in people who follow and obey Jesus.
Praise God today for His wonderful plan of salvation and that He lives within you!