Holy Tent (2)

God gave Moses specific instructions on how to build the Holy Tent. In Exodus 25:8-9 we can read what God told Moses. “The people will build a holy place for me. Then I can live among them. I will show you what the Holy Tent and everything in it should look like. Build everything exactly as I show you.”

The Holy Tent was made from very expensive materials — gold, silver, bronze, special woods and fine cloths. Today those materials would cost millions of dollars! Moses gathered the materials by simply asking the Israelite people to give. They were very willing to give. In fact, the people gave so much that later Moses had to tell them to stop giving!

The Holy Tent and its courtyard were in the center of where the Israelites camped. The twelve tribes of Israel camped around this courtyard each time they stopped. Inside the courtyard was a structure that was divided into the Holy Place and the Most Holy Place. Soon we will learn about the furnishings in these places.

God’s plan for the Holy Tent was perfect. God has a plan for your life, too. Give Him your life and serve Him today!