Holy Tent (3)

The first piece of furniture in the courtyard of the Holy Tent was the altar for burnt offerings. It was made from acacia wood and covered with bronze. This altar was the most-used piece of furniture in the Holy Tent. The priests used this altar every day to offer sacrifices to God.

God gave Moses the exact plan for building the altar. Exodus 27:6-7 tells us that God even provided a way to carry the altar. “Use acacia wood to make poles for the altar, and cover them with bronze. Put the poles through the rings on both sides of the altar. Use these poles for carrying the altar.”

God wanted to be near the Israelites. But first, the people had to have their sins forgiven. So God required the Israelites to bring animals to be sacrificed on the altar for burnt offerings. Only a perfect animal was good enough to be sacrificed there. God accepted the animal sacrifices as a way to forgive the sins of the people.

When Jesus died on the cross, His sacrifice covered all sins — past, present and future. After Jesus died, no animal sacrifices were needed. Jesus is our perfect sacrifice. When we follow and obey Him, His blood forgives our sins and keeps us close to God.