Holy Tent (5)

The first item of furniture in the Holy Place was the lampstand. Exodus 25:31 describes how the lampstand was made. “Then you must make a lampstand. Use pure gold and hammer it to make the base and the shaft. Make flowers, buds, and petals from pure gold. Join all these things together into one piece.”

The lampstand must have been very beautiful! It was decorated with flowers that looked like almond flowers. The lampstand was to give light for the Holy Place.

Sometimes people call this lampstand a golden candlestick. But really it was a stand that held seven oil lamps. Olive oil was burned in these lamps. It was the job of the priests to trim the wicks in the lamps, fill them with oil and keep them lit at all times.

Light is mentioned many times in the New Testament, too. Jesus called Himself the “light of the world.” And He said that Christians should be “light” in the dark world of sin.

God wants every Christian to be a “light” for other people. We can do this when we share the Good News about Jesus and when we show God’s love and goodness to people that we meet each day. Be a “light” for Jesus today!