Holy Tent (6)

Another piece of furniture in the Holy Place was a table. This table was made from acacia wood and covered with pure gold. It was 3 feet long, 1.5 feet wide and 2.25 feet high.
On the table, the priests placed twelve loaves of bread. These loaves represented the twelve tribes of Israel. The priests who served in the Holy Place ate this bread. Every Sabbath day (Saturday) the priests removed any leftover bread and put out new bread. This bread reminded the Israelites that God always took care of them. After they left Egypt, God fed them for many years with manna. God provided for His people. They always had enough to eat.
In John 6:35 Jesus called Himself “the bread that gives life.” Just as we need to eat bread and other foods to stay alive, we need Jesus to stay alive spiritually. You need Jesus today. Learn about Him from God’s Word, the Bible. Thank Jesus for accepting the punishment for your sins.