Many years ago, something bad happened to me in my house. I had so many bad memories that I didn’t want to even be in my house.
On Sundays I went to a friend’s house after church. She cooked dinner for me, and we laughed and talked. But when it became dark she said, “I know you don’t want to go home, but you’ve got to go.” A few months later a hurricane destroyed my house, and I had to rebuild. I felt like all my bad memories were washed away when my home was destroyed.
Our Bible verses talk about our eternal home with God. One day everything here on earth will be destroyed, even our physical bodies. “But when that happens, God will have a home for us to live in. It will not be the kind of home people build here. It will be a home in heaven that will continue forever” (verse 1b).
I obey and follow Jesus every day. Now I can’t wait to go to my heavenly home and live forever with God.