My family and I were at a secondhand store. The woman who owned the store told us a story. She said one day a woman came to the store and bought a purse. When she got home, she opened the purse and found a bag of rings. This woman went back to the store and returned the rings. That woman could have kept the rings and sold them for a lot of money. Instead, she was honest and gave them back.
Our Bible Reading tells us about Joseph’s brothers. When they opened a sack of grain, they found the money that they had brought to pay for the grain. Joseph’s brothers could have kept the money. Instead, they were honest. “We don’t know how it got there, but we brought that money with us to give it back to you. And we have brought more money to pay for the food that we want to buy this time” (verse 22).
I want to be like the lady with the purse, and I want to be like Joseph’s brothers. I want to be honest every day.