Honor for God

Sometimes I see a movie actor or a professional sports player on TV. They have done something special, and people honor them. But often these people are very proud. They take all the honor for themselves and do not honor God.
It is very important that when we do something, we honor God. If we receive a special award, we should thank God and give Him the glory. If we get a blessing from God, we should not be proud and think that we deserve the blessing. Instead, we should be thankful and honor God.
Verse 1 of our Bible Reading says, “Lord, we should not receive any honor. The honor belongs to you. The honor is yours because of your love and because we can trust you.” The psalm ends with these words (verse 18), “But we bless the Lord now, and we will bless him forever more! Praise the Lord!”
What will you do today? Will you do something special? Be sure to give all the honor to God. And thank Him for blessing you.