Honor God

I love to dance! And I love to honor God by dancing. But there are many other ways we can show that we honor God.
One way we can honor God is to encourage and help other people. Pay attention to their problems and sorrows. Pray for them and show them God’s love. And share the Good News about Jesus with those people who do not know Him.
Another way we can honor God is through our work. Verse 7 of our Bible Reading says, “Do your work, and be happy to do it. Work like you are serving the Lord, not like you are serving only men.” Maybe you are not always happy with your work and your boss. When you do your job, remember that you are working for God. Then you will please God through your job everyday.
And don’t forget that “the Lord will give every person a reward for doing good” (verse 8). Work hard for God today!