Honor and Obey God

Many times people who are not Christians expect us to do things we know are wrong. Maybe a friend wants you to leave a restaurant without paying the bill. Or your co-worker encourages you to lie to your boss. Or your friend wants to share some gossip with you? What should you do? Should you do what these people want or what God wants?

Jacob’s favorite son, Joseph, was taken to Egypt as a slave. He worked for a man named Potiphar. Joseph was a good worker, and he had a lot of responsibility in Potiphar’s household. But Joseph had one problem. Potiphar’s wife liked Joseph. Every day she asked Joseph to sleep with her. Genesis 39:9 tells us Joseph’s response. “My master has made me almost equal to him in his house. I cannot sleep with his wife! That is wrong! It is a sin against God.”

Joseph always refused Potiphar’s wife. But one day when Joseph tried to run away from her, she grabbed Joseph’s coat and told her husband lies about Joseph. Joseph was sent to prison. But God always blessed Joseph for his obedience.

We should be like Joseph. When our friends or family want us to do something wrong, we should say “No!” It is important for us to always honor and obey God.