A person who is alone and depressed may be worried, discouraged, hopeless and afraid. Those words certainly describe a woman named Hagar.

Abram’s wife, Sarai, had an Egyptian slave named Hagar. Sarai gave Hagar to Abram, and Hagar became pregnant with Abram’s son. This made Hagar feel that she was better than Sarai. Sarai became jealous, and she was cruel to Hagar. So Hagar ran away.

In Genesis 16:13, God talked to Hagar and told her He would take care of her and her son. “The Lord talked to Hagar. She began is use a new name for God. She said to him, ‘You are God Who Sees Me.’ She said this because she thought, ‘I see that even in this place God sees me and cared for me!’” Hagar understood that God cared for her. God gave her hope again.

Maybe you are depressed today. You are feeling discouraged and hopeless and filled with worry and fear. God does not want you to be burdened with those things. Instead, God wants you to know that you can always find hope and peace when you love and trust Him.

Be like Hagar. Remember that God loves you and wants to take care of you today and every day.