Hope Brings Rewards

Everywhere that Jesus went, He brought hope to people — people who were sick, lonely, poor or without a Savior.
Our Bible Reading today tells us about Jairus. He was a ruler in the place where the Jews met to pray and discuss God’s Word. Jairus’ daughter was dying. There was nothing Jairus could do to help his daughter. He was without hope.
Then Jairus saw Jesus. He said to Jesus, “Please come and lay your hands on her. Then she will be healed and will live” (verse 23b). Jairus had probably heard about Jesus healing sick people. Now, Jairus hoped that Jesus would heal his daughter.
Jesus is our hope, too. He fills us with His love, joy and peace. Through His death and resurrection, He gives us the hope of eternal life with Him. Thank God for the hope you have through Jesus, and share this hope with other people today.