Hope is Comforting

Hannah was sad and upset. Why? Because she wanted to have children very much. But Hannah did not give up. She had hope.
Hannah worshiped God. She knew God could see her sadness and give her a baby. So, Hannah prayed to God. Our Bible Reading tells us what she prayed. Hannah said, “Lord, All-Powerful, you can see how sad I am…If you will give me a son, I will give him to you” (verse 11a). Hannah’s hope in God comforted her as she waited for God to answer her prayer.
God paid attention to Hannah’s prayer. “By that time the following year, Hannah had become pregnant and had a son. She named him Samuel” (verse 20a). After Samuel was born, Hannah praised and thanked God.
God has a plan for your life — just like He had a plan for Hannah’s life. Put your hope in God today. He will comfort you and take care of you.