Hope is Encouraging

When God created Adam and Eve, they had the hope of always being with God. But the devil tempted Eve to eat the fruit that God had told them not to eat.
Eve ate the fruit and gave some to Adam. Then, everything changed. Sin entered the world. They no longer had a close relationship with God. But many years later, Jesus died on the cross and arose from the dead. Because of Jesus, we can have the hope of eternal life with God.
Verse 17 of our Bible Reading tells us, “One man sinned, and so death ruled all people because of that one man. But now some people accept God’s full grace and his great gift of being made right. Surely they will have true life and rule through the one man, Jesus Christ.”
The hope of living forever with God is very encouraging. When we face problems here on earth, we can look forward to the time when we will live with God. Thank God for His wonderful gift of salvation today!