Hope: What?

Children have a hard time waiting patiently for their birthday to arrive. They may not know exactly what will happen on their birthday or what gifts they will receive. But they hope that it will be an exciting day filled with good things for them.
Also people look forward to their wedding or graduation. They know that their lives will change, but they are not sure what those changes will be. Still they hope for a bright and successful future.
As Christians, our hope is in God’s promise. God has promised us salvation and eternal life with Him if we follow and obey Him. I am excited to think about the time when I will have a new body in heaven. I will not have any more health problems. There will not be any pain or fear.
Our Bible verses today remind me to wait patiently for the time I will live forever with God. My hope is in Him and His wonderful promises to me. You can depend on His promises today, too.