Hope: When?

Yesterday we talked about our hope of eternal life with God. The Bible clearly tells us how we can have the hope of living forever with Him. But the Bible does not tell us the exact date when that hope will be fulfilled. We do not know the day we will die or the day when Jesus will return to take His followers to live with Him.
In our Bible Reading today we learn some things about Jesus’ return. Verse 9 says that God is not being slow in sending Jesus. God is being patient. Why? Because He wants to give everyone the opportunity to follow and obey Him.
These verses also tell us how we should live while we are waiting for Jesus. “Your lives should be holy and devoted to God. You should be looking forward to the day of God, wanting more than anything else for it to come soon” (verses 11b-12a).
Don’t spend your time wondering when Jesus will return. Instead focus on serving Him and looking forward to your hope through Jesus.