Hope: Who?

I remember when we had a bad ice and wind storm. Walking on the ice was very difficult. When I tried to walk, the wind blew me backwards.
Finally, I went into my garage and found a pole that had a sharp end. As I walked, I held onto the pole and poked the sharp end into the ice. This helped me walk against the wind on the slippery ice.
I have faced many “storms” in life. These storms were times when I was confused or sad or frustrated. But I have learned that during these times, I need to have hope in Jesus. He is like the pole that kept me from falling. Jesus helps me stand strong and not give up.
Our Bible Reading today tells us that Jesus is sitting on the right side of God. He is always with us, helping us and showing us His love and mercy.
You can depend on Jesus today. He will keep you strong and help you face the “storms” in your life.