Hospital for Sinners

A pastor had a desire to help people who were addicted to drugs. He worked with a young addict and his mother. Soon they decided to follow and obey Jesus.
The pastor wanted the mother and son to come to his church where they could grow as Christians. But some members in the church said that these people should not come to their church. These members were afraid that the mother and son might scare other people away from attending church there.
In our Bible Reading, Jesus makes it very clear that He wants to help sinners change. He said in verse 32, “I have not come to ask good people to change. I have come to ask sinners to change the way they live.” I think that Jesus would say that the church is a hospital for sinners — a place where they can receive help and comfort.
Think about your church today. Is it a place where good people come to show off their goodness? Or is it a place where sinners will be loved and forgiven?