Sometimes we don’t do what we should do. Why? Because we don’t know how to do it or because we are afraid of what might happen if we do it.
In 1981 Deaf Missions decided it was time to start translating the Bible into American Sign Language (ASL). We believed that God was calling us to this great task. But we didn’t know how we would do it. We prayed. We studied. We researched. We talked to people who had translated the Bible into other languages. We talked to Christian brothers and sisters. We prayed some more. Then we did something. We began work on the “Gospel of Luke.” Do you know what God did then? He provided the people to translate, the money to pay the expenses and a television station that agreed to videotape our translation at no cost! Wow! God knows how!
And here’s something funny that happened later. Some very smart people told us that it was impossible for us to do what we were doing. They said we didn’t have enough knowledge, money, skill, time or energy to translate the Bible into ASL. I’m glad we didn’t know that before we started!