My friend, Andrea, knew that she was doing her job well. But her boss was not fair. He criticized her work even though she was not doing anything wrong. Andrea thought about quitting her job.
But one day Andrea read some Bible verses about being humble and submissive. She decided that God was telling her to change her attitude toward her boss. Instead of being rebellious, she started being more humble and submissive. Soon Andrea was happier because she had better communication with her boss.
Our Bible verses today tell us that Jesus “gave up his place with God and agreed to be like a servant” (verse 7b). Jesus was humble and obedient. And God gave Jesus the most important place and made His name greater than any other name (verse 9).
It is often hard to be humble and submissive. But when we are, God blesses us spiritually. Look for ways to be a servant to your family members, your coworkers and your friends.