I have a friend who is mentally challenged. She needs someone to take care of her all the time. Several ladies take turns caring for her. I see my friend in church each Sunday. She gives hugs to every worshiper.
Verses 1 and 2 of our Bible Reading remind me of my humble friend. “I am not proud. I don’t try to act important. I don’t try to do great things. I don’t worry about things that are too hard for me. I am calm. My soul is quiet.” My friend is child-like. She trusts the people who take care of her “like a satisfied baby in his mother’s arms” (verse 3). She accepts and respects all people.
I want to be like my friend. I want to be humble. I want to not worry about what other people think about me. I want to enjoy life. And I want to have a calm and quiet soul.
Ask God to help you be humble and calm as you serve Him today.