You know when your body needs more food. How do you know this? You feel hungry. Hunger pains tell us that we need to go to the refrigerator or the cookie jar. Hunger pains remind us that we need food.
Sometimes a person will not eat for many days. Every day that person has fewer and fewer hunger pains. Finally they stop feeling hungry. They stop wanting food.
Christians need the food of God?s Word, the Bible. In our Bible Reading, the writer of Hebrews says that we should want the solid food of God?s Word. We should stop being babies in Christ. We should grow up and become strong Christians.
A person who does not feed on God?s Word will soon stop feeling hungry for more teaching. That person will not grow to be a mature Christian.
Don?t be a starving Christian. Read the Bible. Pray to God. Go to church. Pay attention to your Bible teachers and preachers. Grow up in Jesus!