Often I see a person holding a sign that says “Lost job – need food.” Then I receive a letter from the local homeless shelter saying that they need more food. The TV news tells me that organizations are collecting food to help people who have lost their homes because of floods and tornadoes. There is hunger everywhere.
Some people are not willing to work for food. When I was young, a tramp (a homeless person who begs for food) would often stop at our house. My parents gave him water so that he could wash himself. Then they gave him a hot meal and a place to sleep in the barn. This man refused to work for food. He was lazy and did not keep himself clean.
Our Bible Reading today tells about Ruth. She and her mother-in-law, Naomi, came to Israel. Ruth was willing to work hard to gather food for Naomi and herself. God blessed Ruth with a husband and children.
God wants us to work hard and to take care of our families. He has promised He will bless us with what we need each day.