Hymns (6)

Charles Tindley (1851-1933) was born a slave. He worked hard every day plowing fields, and at night he went to school to learn to read. Later Charles became a pastor. He loved to sing, so often he would write new hymns to go with his sermons.
One Sunday, Charles preached a sermon on why we have troubles. To help the people in his church, he wrote the hymn, “We’ll Understand It Better By and By.” This song says that we may not understand here on earth why we have troubles. But someday, when we are with God, we will understand better.
The writer of Psalm 118 wrote about troubles that he had faced. He probably did not understand why he was having those troubles. But he knew that God was with him to give him strength.
Are you facing troubles today? Are you wondering why you have troubles? Someday you will understand better. But for now, just keep trusting God.